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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear Elegant People,

I've encountered a weird situation the past week. The reason for me to post it up is to warn all bag sellers and buyers to beware of such case.

S sent me a confirmation order of two bags on my blog and request for my maybank account.

S claimed that she doesn't online, so i smsed her the number instead.
*I've deleted the sent msg so i'm can't trace back what i've sent but i'm sure i don't make such mistake*

S msged me that she's banked into my account and i've arranged for the bags to be collected.

Amount doesn't appear in my bank account, so i've smsed S. She said she's banked in correctly according to the account number i've given. The exact same message has been forwarded to me immediately and the account number is different.

So, it looked as though i've typed the wrong bank account. I couldn't trace the bank account i've sent. *the number is just one number different from my original account number*

Total amount up to RM9k ++

I've called the bank immediately to solve this case. They said that there may be possibilities it has banked into another person's account. However, the bank can't undo this mistakes. Only the person with the bank in statement can file a report.

I've called the bank again and found out that the number she msged me is invalid. Means she can't be able to bank into the account since its INVALID. but she insisted that the money has already been banked in.

I've contacted S several times to call the bank. The reason she gave me that she can't answer the phone. Family problem. The next day, she said the same thing n added that she's in a funeral. S claimed that her bank in statement is at home.

Then, the next day, S texted me and said she can't find the statement. She must have lost it and do not know what to do. I've told her to report to the bank but with no answer.

2 days later, she msged me telling that her money is gone, up to me whether i want to send over the bag. And she hasn't been to the bank to rectify this problem. I will help if there's something i can do.

BUT then, S just disappeared. Wouldn't S be angry if she'd banked into the wrong account? and lost a whole sum of RM9k++? Its because S didn't banked in the money.

Shop safely and happily with Elegant Poise. If you wish not to buy/cancel ur orders, please do let me know. I won't bite. I do understand ur situation. Probably there can be another transaction in the future!

By the way, i've more bags lining up for all of you out there. There will be more for upcoming Raya. Brands ranges from LV, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Coach, Carlo Rino, Guess and many more. Please bookmark or suscribe to our feeds. Or u could follow us on Twitter.


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