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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Frequent Asked Questions

Here are some questions most of my customers asked before purchasing from me. I totally understand that buying a designer goods which might cost us half/2months of our pay cheques online is something to be very careful about.
Here, cher will answer all your questions and i've come up with this!
For more questions, just mail me at!

Are your bags Authentic?
YES! 100% Authentic and genuine bags. All bags will be authenticated at respective shops before passing on to the new owners. We can always arrange C.O.D in respective shops according to both convenience.

Do you provide the original receipts?
Yes and No. Which means, it all depends on the owner of the bag. There are several reasons why the receipts are not with them.
1. They misplaced or threw the receipts away.
2. The bag is vintage and people don't keep them already.
3. They are gifts from friends/family which doesn't attach the receipts.

However, we will attach the original receipts if there are any.

I'm no where near your COD areas. Where else can we meet?
No worries! We can meet up anywhere around Klang Valley. Meetups in Penang can be arranged too but that depends on whether i'm back to my hometown!
Of course the "anywhere" refers to a place of both convenience and easily accessed.

I love the bag but I do not have the budget. Do you offer installments?
YES! Please Refer HERE for the installment scheme.
There are basically 3 installment plans.
Savings, Affordable and Long Term Plans. Please take note that installments does not apply for all bags in Elegant Poise. Please enquire further.

*More Qs will be updated later.

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