Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm expanding my business due to overwhelming queries about selling off their bags.
Steps are simple :
1. Snap loads of pics (pls resize it to 1800 x 1350 pixels) and send it to
*pics must have modeled pics & the code that can proof authenticity.
2. Prepare your receipts and proof of authenticity.
3. State the model and asking price. Mail me all those details!
4. I will arrange for appointment to view the bag when i'm free.
** I will not resell bags that have already posted up in Lowyat.Net or

Elegant people! What are you waiting for?
only 100% AUTHENTIC BAGS accepted PLEASE.
I don't support immitation!
Why you should let Elegant Poise help you sell?
- It's convenient for you! No hassle of replying numerous mails from interested buyer and ended up backing out on you.
- I don't charge high commision as the shops because i don't have rental to pay.
- I have my list of regular customers returning for more bags.
- I help to clear your wardrobe and turn it into CASH!!
- Free consultation and services for bag owners.
- We are reputable among blogshoppers and keeps good records with customers.
- Our service are FIRST CLASS. Delivery to customers doorsteps and FREE Authentication meetups.
Terms and Conditions
1. Bags must generally be in good condition and 100% authentic.

2. Any flaws should be highlighted and attached with pictures to enable proper agreement of minimum asking price for resale.

3. The asking price will be ammended if there are extra undisclosed flaws discovered during transaction.

4. Bags are not allowed to be sold in any other places in the internet such as forums or ebay. If found selling at other forums, i reserve to take down the postings in my website.

5. Posting up in my blog is FREE OF CHARGE for 2 months. A slight fee is applicable for posting up for more than two months.

6. Seller may or may not need to send to me the bags for the time being, however only COD Transaction is applicable.

7. Payment will be sent after there's an interested buyer.
Elegant Poise

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