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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Like I've promised.. I've brought in more watches. Sorry for the late post up! It feels different on our hands, it has its value and it's ELEGANT! After seeing Tiger Woods doing their advertisement, i've seen with my own eyes Tag Heuer!! I always mistaken it by typing Tag Huer. haha.. Okay.... I've 4 watches to feast your eyes.. Enjoy!
and a NEVERFULL MM again.... Sorry for the last one being sold out. but e-mail me for this!!!

Elegant Tag Heuer 1

Remember this piece? Thought of putting it in the same post for comparison.

Elegant Tag Heuer 2I have Mens and Ladies collection
(ya! behind there's Rolex and Omega....)

One for you and one for you loved ones...


I guess i don't have to explain much about Tag Heuer's watches. They are used and genuine!
Condition - Used but still good.
Status : Available

If you want to know more please e-mail me at
Price ? Actual retail price is more than RM5k.
Buying two means it's cheaper...

Mens - RM2300
Ladies - RM2100
Both - E-mail me and i'll give u best price in the world!!


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